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Integrated development convoys

The Comprehensive Developmental Companions (CDCs)

a development initiative to address the problems of the rural community

 The importance of the program emanated from the strategic and commercial importance of the Red Sea State and its rank as the third poorest state in Sudan with a rate of poverty rates estimatedat 80%for most of the rural areas inhabitants. The adoption of the traditional mode of production ,poor natural environment, drought, internal and external displacement, illiteracy were behind this high rate of poverty .The dimensions of the problems were reflected in high poverty rates and malnutrition coupled with low healthindices, and low community awareness, especially for health and education services compared with urban centers.

The (FCD), in collaboration with their internal partners, (the rest of the University faculties) and external partners (leaders of the localities and developmental activities' in the state) initiative to address the chronic community situation focused on;

  • Conduct (CDCs) in all localities in order to achieve the goal of serving the community, through advocacy and awareness messages spreading and the establishment of free of charge  clinics  and therapeutic workshops, seminars, lectures and short training sessions (less than a week).
  • In collaboration with local leaders of the targeted localities FCD designed and  mobilized six (CDCs) in (HalayibTokar, Port Sudan ,Durdeeb and Haya localities beside targeting localized areas of Klanayib and Sheedaibvillages.
  • A  total of 8500 community members,participated and benefited from  the following activities :

- Field raising awareness:  a total r of 98 public lectures and lesson, benefiting about 5,200 men and women  of whom 700 participated  in short courses .

- Sensitization  and health care:the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine together with medical staff of (FC), performed six days of free of charge  clinics including:   medical checkup and medical investigations   and medicines  distributions    for  about 1200 (patients)  in the rural state  localities .  together with  seminars with a total  number of300  participants ,   beside training workshops for 50 medical staff in rural areas

- Basic Education and teachers training :a total of 100 teachers were trained in the fields of teaching methods, teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and school nursery throw which 150 seedlings of fruits and forest trees has been planted in five rural primary schools.

  • The FCD on behalf of the University organized relief and supportive  companion  to  Shadeib village during the last floods disaster beside the traditional (CDCs)  activities , a distribution of  300 school bags donation had been delivered as a part of the university supportive campaign to the village.
  • Food security, good governance, women's empowerment: To achieve this goal a dozen of short courses and training workshops had been held with total of  600 youth  and women in the fields of: small project management, microfinance, fishing, the role of social work in the development, environmental and aesthetic gardening

CDC Partners: The center of Women studies,Faculty of Medicines, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Marine Sciences and Faculty of Education.